At eXit Software, we offer a number of packaged software products which can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. We can also work with you to develop a completely custom system from the ground up, or to extend, update or replace an existing system you may have.
We build software using the latest Microsoft technologies, both traditional desktop and web-based applications, depending on the needs of your business.
Our software can integrate with your existing processes and systems, whether Microsoft Office, or products by Sage Group, or SAP.


Options2 is a web-based system designed for house builders selling and installing Options/Extras with new house builds.
  • Input of client choices by sales executives on site via simple to use web site.
  • Options pricing and availability configurable by region, site, house type, and plot.
  • Automatic generation of supplier/sub-contractor purchase orders to fulfil the supply and installation of the client choices.
  • Transmission of client and supplier orders via email and/or fax.
  • Full turnover and margin analysis - aggregation and drill down by region, site, house, plot, and item.


OpenHouse is a system designed for businesses supplying flooring products and show home design/furnishings to house builders.
  • Sales and purchase order processing.
  • Warehousing control with allocation of roll stock to cut sizes - batch/shade control of stock ensuring shade matching by plot.
  • Picking, despatch, and sales invoice generation.
  • Full traceability of carpet/vinyl cuts back to roll stock and supplier consignments.

AESSOP (Manufacturing & Service)

AESSOP is a complete business system designed for the engineering manufacturing and service industries.
  • Job and service contract estimating.
  • Sales and purchase order processing.
  • Shop floor instructions and feedback (integrated clocking and time recording system with interface to Sage Payroll).
  • Stock control.
  • Control of hires and rentals.
  • KPI dashboard.

AESSOP (Planned Maintenance)

AESSOP (Planned Maintenance) is designed to generate regular preventative maintenance checklists for plant and machinery assets.
  • Schedules can be time or running hours based.
  • Maintenance checklists output to Microsoft Excel workbooks for transmission to the asset's location.
  • Automated upload of the maintenance checklist feedback to master database (SQL Server).
  • Fault logging.
  • Monitoring and reporting by asset and asset type.

Please contact us for more details, or if you have any questions.